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Lightbug Recording Studio gift vouchers available now.

Buy someone you love a recording session they will cherish and a recording that will make them proud.

Do you know someone  with talent?

Who has the X Factor maybe?

Or just loves singing /playing for fun?

This will make the perfect gift.

Maybe they play the guitar, piano?

Or just sing in the shower..

Lightbugs gift voucher will help their journey into music.

Before your session I will talk you through everthing you need to do to prepare.

I can supply you with custom backing tracks if needed  to a very high standard.

I usually send these to you prior to your  session so you can practice and be well  prepared , the voucher lasts 6 months so plenty of time for this.

Each session lasts  approximately 3 hours including the mixing  and mastering which is best achieved on a separate day.

Purchase one today and you will receive a confirmation voucher that you can present as a gift for who ever it may be

If you write a special message we can add this to the voucher just email us


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